AIDS Care Teams

The hallmark of the Enhancing Care Initiative lies in the AIDS Care Teams. Each AIDS Care Team is composed of regional experts including epidemiologists, clinicians, economists, people living with HIV or AIDS, advocacy groups, government and university officials, political scientists, and human rights specialists. Together, these teams pool their expertise to examine and assess current systems available for enhancing care for people living with HIV.

The AIDS Care Teams determine their own agendas but all follow the same approach to care through the use of the AIDS Care Framework, a tool that supports the assessment of HIV and AIDS care in a specific population or region. The AIDS Care Teams then translate their research into sustainable, long-term policy recommendations consistent with the AIDS care needs of their region. The teams’ progress, which reflects local conditions, places resource-poor countries in a better position to take advantage of current HIV therapies and vaccines and advance the level of HIV care in their regions.

The Boston team at the Harvard AIDS Institute facilitates the research and communication among the AIDS Care Teams. Currently, AIDS Care Teams have been developed in Brazil, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Thailand, and Senegal.